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  • The right to sell your labour and services 
    • for however much, your client is prepared to pay
    • by not taxing your income


  • The right to quality Healthcare
    • By returning healthcare management to community
    • By group insurance 
    • Treatment by doctors you know by name


  • The right to a complete Education
    • Through professional's tutoring and mentoring 
    • Educational establishments that provide resources in the same way as rental offices
    • To change the way education is delivered, fitting the specialisations of the modern world


  • The right to affordable housing
    • By removing government incentives for landlords to buy-to-rent
    • By allowing builders more flexibility in planning
    • By making property owners holders in the building management company (in high-density housing)


  • The right to a clean environment
    • By allowing people to take action against those that would pollute our air and water
    • By the above providing the incentive to not pollute under threat of class action lawsuits


  • The right to a secure retirement
    • By not taxing saving
    • By not forcing people into government Ponzi schemes
    • By not taxing inheritance
    • By allowing shareholding of services you are a client of


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