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A shop or pub is a good start to practising community takeover of resources

However, Smallism has a different method to those often suggested

Taking over or starting community services is a great way to get a community used to being responsible for its own affairs as Pamela Readhead in The Guardian (UK) wrote of an example whereby a village took over their local shop as a non-profit however it was noted that the structure of the shop created some problems as they elected a management committee which holds monthly meetings with the shop manager to review progress and sort out any difficulties.  A Management committee is considered an unnecessary level of management that prevents jobs being done in a timely manner and usurps the direction the owners (shareholders) would wish to take. 

In smallism there are no elected officials, only paid managers who can be hired and fired based on reputation and past achievements by the shareholders.


The UK government also likes this kind of decentralisation as it understands that a shared community outlet helps bring together a community and provides a number of links to advice.


However, as mentioned above, some of the processes recommended are political and therefore more susceptible to corruption and failure and Smallism provides strategies for removing these human factor risks.


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