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The slow collapse of globalism we've seen since 2016 has come about for a number of reasons that are discussed at length on this site.  In this section, we look at news related to the collapse of globalism and the rise of nationalist populist movements and ideas and how these relate of the vision of Smallism as the natural way for the human race to progress as a happy and developing species and the continuation of all that is best of the human race.

COVID and the World of Warcraft

How virtual communities dealt with a pandemic

You probably know that population behaviour is modelled by scientists, you may have even heard the phrase "We don't know what one person will do, but we know what lots of people will do" in relation to the science of behaviour analysis but did you know that the Blizzard game World of Warcraft demonstrated exactly the behaviours needed to overcome a pandemic viral infection.


NEIGHBOURHOOD campaigners in Burnley have been handed the keys to a former library to serve as their new community centre.

Supporters of the Thursby Gardens Community Action Group (TGCAG) were first in line for the rights to take over the former Colne Road library, which closed as part of a county council shake-up in 2008.

Point Wells residents and ratepayers turned out in force on Tuesday, June 5 for the official handover of the keys – and management – of their local hall from Auckland Council to the community.

The new arrangement means that the Point Wells Hall committee can set its own hire fees and is responsible for its day-to-day running, while Council retains ownership of the building.


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