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About Us

The Smallism Organization was founded to investigate the reasons why economic growth under both Labour and Tories governments averaged out at roughly the same number and that this indicated that, in fact, neither of political parties provided value for taxpayer money. This led to the conclusion that if society was able to get on with living and producing without interference from political ideologues the country would, in fact, operate more efficiently.

After much research, the root cause of governance failures, cronyism, corruption, fraud and boom and bust cycles was factored down to one fundamental issue, size.  Smallism thus went about finding ways to prevent size and became In this search, we discovered that not only can we provide services more efficiently but that many risks can be eliminated especially in the areas of research where the monolith model is not only inefficient but in some cases can cause widespread illness and death.

Why the Geodesic Dome?

The triangular geodesic dome is a structure made from lots of individual triangles. The triangle is the strongest of the structures and when joined together create a stronger structure.  This is how we envision smallism to operate.  Lots of small working together to create something stronger and resilient.

Privacy Statement will not sell or distribute any data submitted to this site.  However, sites get hacked and data theft happens.  Make sure you only post information that you are happy to share with strangers. does not follow or analyse IP addresses or other metadata.  We believe in organic growth not targeted clickbait.  If you are here it's because you want to be.  If you wish to speak more privately then email admin at  Thank you for being here.

Smallism is unpopular

Damn right is it!  Smallism's main objective to remove power from institutions and put it back in the hands of the community. To do this efficiently and cost-effectively by removing the ability for political agendas to grow. Smallism provides strategies and methodologies to help communities achieve these goals.

Getting Involved

If you would like to get involved in the research, development and promotion of Smallism values and methodologies then please contact us by creating a user account and getting involved with the Smallism community.  

What we need

  • We really need artists who can help visualise the smallism concept for those who struggle with a 'wall of text'
  • Examples of Localism have been coming up in the news more and more often, please send these to us
  • Editing ability - if you can re-write our content with a better literary style or more comprehensible, please submit it.
  • Any number of other ways that we haven't even thought of yet
  • Animators who can create stylish presentations that will show how smallism will work.

What can we give you?  If you are able to contribute to the development of Smallism community then we can offer you use of a email address, in addition to the fame.

If you can't help in any of these ways then please consider contributing to help us research, develop and publish Smallism to the wider audience the please PayPal to admin at smallism dot org.  If you'd like to be recognised as a supporter of Smallism then contact us and let's discuss how we can come to an arrangement.  

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