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About Us

The Smallism Organization was founded to investigate the reasons why growth under both Labour and Tories governments averaged out at roughly the same that indicated that in fact, neither of them provided value for taxpayer money and that if society was able to get on with living and producing without social interference from political ideologues the country would in fact run much better.

After much research, the root cause of governance failures, cronyism and boom and bust cycles, was factored down to one fundamental issue,  size.  Smallism thus went about finding ways to prevent size and became

If you would like to get involved in the research, development and promotion of Smallism values and methodologies then please contact us by creating a user account and getting involved with the Smallism community.  

What we need

  • We really need artists who can help visualise the smallism concept for those who struggle with a 'wall of text'
  • Examples of Localism have been coming up in the news more and more often, please send these to us
  • Editing ability - if you can re-write our content with a better literary style or more comprehensible, please submit it.
  • Any number of other ways that we haven't even thought of yet
  • Animators who can create stylish presentations that will show how smallism will work.

Contribute to the development of Smallism and get a email address. 

If you can't help in any of these ways then please consider contributing to help us research, develop and publish Smallism to the wider audience the please paypal to admin at smallism dot org.  If you'd like to be recognised as a supporter of Smallism then contact us and let's discuss how we can come to an arrangement.  


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